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Adkins Dr. Allen T. Adkins

Dr. Allen Adkins was a legend among Missionary Baptist preachers and pastors having written several books on Baptist Doctrines and Bible studies. Brother Adkins was pastor of the Bellflower church and President of CMBI during his active career. He was pastor of several different churches in Oklahoma California and Alabama. He was born September 19, 1914 and passed on to his reward January 8, 2000

Ashlock Dr. Ken Ashlock

Blanton Brother Keith Blanton

Brother Keith Blanton pastored many ABA churches during his minstry through out the State of California. He is presently a teacher and a member of Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfierld, California. He surrendered to preach in Wasco, March 20, 1964. He then went with his pastor, Brother Madden to Bellflower and enrolled in CMBI. He was ordained by the Anaheim church and pastored the new church in Atascadero 1968 till 1971. He then went to Heber and moved into their new parsonage in August of 1971 till 1976. He became pastor of First Church, Bakersfield in 1980 till 1981. He also pastored First church in Tulare and Unity in Los Gatos. From there he retired to Prescott Valley, Arizona and helped in the new church there.

Bogard Dr. Ben M. Bogard

Dr. Ben Bogard was one of the most famous ministers among early Missionary Baptist and Southern Baptist Churches. He preached from the later half of the 1800's til his death in 1951. He founded the Bible College in Little Rock Arkansas, The Bogard press, he was one of the Founders of the ABA, A debating champion of Baptist Causes, Pastor and teacher of God's Word. He was one of the early ministers on broadcast radio and these messages are from those broadcasts. Enjoy hearing a legend speak. Some

Brock Pastor Mark Brock

Mark Brock is the pastor at Crossway Baptist Church in Bakersfield.

Brooks Dr. Ray O Brooks

Brown Dr. William Herbert Brown

Dr.William Herbert Brown was born in Clark County Arkansas on Jan 5, 1913 to William H. Brown and Mittie Elliot Brown. Death came March 15, 2001 He was eight-eight years old and still active in his church. He Married: Mary E. Elkin-Brown in 1932 in Gurdon Arkansas. At age 23 he sold his interest in his barber shop and and both inrolled in the Missionary Baptist Seminary in Little Rock Arkansas. While attending seminary he pastored churches in Springdale, Guy, Holly Springs and Taylor Arkansas. After graduation he was pastori Paris, Van Buren and Texarkana Arkansas. He moved to Longview in 1952 and was pastor of Longview Missionary Baptist Church for 16 years. Other pastorates were Waterview in Richardson, Texas; Liberty, Texarkana and Blodget, Texas. He lectured to seminaries in Texas, Arkansas and California. He earned his Doctorate at Texas Baptist Seminary, Henderson

Canavan Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan

Dr. Martin Van Buren Canavan 1923- 1980. Dr. Canavan was one of the greatest of the greatest preachers among the churches of the American Baptist Association. He had a brilliant carreer taeching at CMBI in Bellflower California, and pastoring ABA churches. He was one of the early radio minsters in the state of California. It is with great pleasure that we feature messages by this great man of God on discovertheword.com and sermonaudio,com/dtw.

Chastain Dr. Hoyt Chastain

Dr. Hoyt Chastain 5-20-1914 to 9-26-2007 He was one of the greatest of the great among Missionary Baptist. He held many debates all over America especially with the Church of Christ brethren. He earned a Doctorate of Bible Languages degree and taught Greek and Hebrew and Biblical interpretation in Missionary Baptist colleges in California, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alabama. He was a preacher right up to the end. He served as pastor in Missionary and Southern Baptist Churches in Alabama, Oklahoma

Clements Dr. Larry Clements

Editor in Chief of ABA Publications - Texarkana, Texas. Dr. Larry Clements was born in Malvern, Arkansas, and was reared in Southern California. He was saved at eleven and was baptized by the Norwalk Missionary Baptist Church. Larry announced his call to the ministry when he was seventeen and entered California Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary following his graduation from Norwalk High School in 1966. He earned his Bachelor and Master of Theology degrees in 1971 and 1975, and his Doctor of Theology degree from that school in 1982. For six year he worked on a Doctor of Ministry degree at Dallas Theological Seminary, graduating in May, 2007. For thirty-two years Larry pastored four churches: Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Arroyo Grande, California; Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, Hayward, California; First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, South Gate, California; and Pauline Missionary Baptist Church, Monticello, Arkansas, where he served for nineteen years. He has served as Editor in Chief of the Baptist Sunday School Committee and Bogard Press since June, 2003. Brother Clements is the Son-in-Law of Dr. D S Madden.

Counts Dr. Tom Counts

Thomas Counts was born in Stidham, Oklahoma in 1935 and moved to California in 1941. Raised near Bakersfield, California he attended Sunset Elementary and Arvin High School. In 1951 He accepted the Lord as his Savior and was baptized, and surrendered to preach in May of 1955. In 1956 he moved to San Jose and attended San Jose State College. In 1961 he moved to Southern California and attended California Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary where he received his Bachelor of Theology degree, and then received his Masters and Doctorate from Fresno Baptist College and Theological Seminary. He was licensed to preach and Ordained in 1962 by the Pico Rivera Missionary Baptist Church, Pico Rivera, California. He pastored the First Missionary Baptist Church of Buena Park, California; Cypress Missionary Baptist Church, Sacramento, California; First Missionary Baptist Church in Antioch, California; New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, San Jose, California, and in 1984 moved to Bend, Oregon to be the Senior Pastor of the First Missionary Baptist Church and President of Northwest Baptist Institute and Seminary.

Crawford George Crawford

Creel Brother F. C. Creel

Brother Creel was one of the greatest teachers on the subject of the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon among Missionary Baptist work. Brother Creel was also a poet and liked to compose poetry. Sister Creel was very delighted when we asked her permission to place his work among our Hall of Fame greats. Brother Phillips spent many hours studying with Brother Creel on the Temple and the Tabernacle and these recordings are from those sessions and seminars that Bro. Creel taught.

Cross Dr. I. K. Cross

3-21-1917 to 12-10-2008 Dr. I. K. Cross was one of the greatest historians of Baptist History. He was former president of the ABA and pastor of Baptist churches in the southern states and seminary teacher and former vice-president of CMBI. Dr. Cross led many tours in the Middle East and the Holy Land. Dr. Cross taught and preached in Baptist Churches from coast to coast in America. Dr. I. K. Cross has written many books on Baptist doctrine and church history. He is greatly missed among Baptist C

Crouch Dr. Larry W Crouch

Dr. Larry W Crouch has written several books during his long Career as a pastor and Seminary teacher. He was one of the writers for Sunday School quarterlies among ABA churches for years.

Farrar Dr. Carl E. Farrar

Dr. Carl E. Farrar was one of the most brilliant and learned men that Dr. Phillips ever sat under as a student. He earned a Dr. of Bible Laguages degree and Taught at CMBI for many years. He was probably one of the greatest teachers that ever lived among Baptist churches. He was a very close friend of Dr. Phillips.

Foreman Dr. L D Foreman

Dr. L D Foreman was one of the founders of the American Baptist Association and of the Little Rock Baptist Seminary. He was an author of many books and Bible Studies. Dr. Foreman was a Seminary teacher at Little Rock for many years and author of 'The Bible In 8 Ages', which was his Doctors Thesis and an extension of Dr. Guthrie's Study 'The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth'. Dr. Foreman was an advocate of the Mid-Week Rapture.

Gipson Marlin Gipson

Glover Dr. Conrad Nathan Glover

Dr. Glover October 27,1895--April 3, 1986 is a legend among Missionary Baptist preachers and leaders. We have about 20 messages that Dr. Glover preached in different churches and schools which are real classics. We hope that you enjoy them. He was one of the greatest orators and speakers of all time. Look for his messages at discoverthewordwithdrjim.com under the audio directory and under Jim's Hall of Fame for Dr. Glover's messages.

Harris Dr Hugh Harris

Dr. Wilba Hugh Harris September 16, 1925 - August 4, 2010

Hooper Kenneth Hooper

Brother Kenneth Hooper was pastor of the First Missionary Baptist Church of Porterville, California. Brother Ken ran an extresion Seminary there in the early 1970's that Brother Phillips attended. Brother Hooper was Jim's mentor and good friend. Jim said that Brother Hooper was everything that a preacher ought to be and then some. Brother Hooper died young just after heart surgery. Even after all of these years he is still missed every day. It is said he went into that surgery singing Amazing Gr

Hubbard Dr. H. Travis Hubbard

Dr. Harold Travis Hubbard was my father in the faith. We were as close as a father and son. He was my teacher and my friend. Dr. Hubbard was born in Arkansas August 16, 1911 he died July 15, 1998 in Shawnee Oklahoma. Brother Hubbard spent all of his life teaching Greek and Hebrew in Seminaries in Arkansas and California. From 1931-1994. He was a shy man the most humble man I ever met. It is with great honor and humility that I place Dr. Hubbard's sermons on this website.

James Dr. J C James

Johnson Dr. Olen Johnson

Madden Dr. D. S. Madden

Dr. Darius Sherwood "Boots" Madden, Jr., passed away on Friday, January 16, 2004. He was born September 11, 1921, in Athens, Texas. He was reared in Southeast Arkansas between Dermott and Hamburg. He was saved and baptized at Promise Land Missionary Baptist Church, in Hamburg and was a graduate of Hamburg High School. He served as Sargeant Major in the U. S. Army during World War II and was awarded four bronze Battle Stars for participation in campaigns in French Morocco, Sicily, Tunisia and was part of the Allied Forces landing at Anzio Beach, Italy, January 22, 1944. He received a medical discharge in 1944.

In August 1951, during a revival at West Crossett Missionary Baptist Church with evangelist, Brother I. K. Cross, Bro. Madden surrendered to the gospel ministry. He attended Texas Baptist Institute, in Henderson, Texas, and later graduated with a Doctor of Theology degree from the Louisiana Missionary Baptist Seminary in Minden, Louisiana. He pastored churches in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and California. During the fourteen years he pastored Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Anaheim, California, he served as an instructor at the California Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary. Brother Madden always exhibited a great love for missions, serving as Chairman of the Missionary Committee of the American Baptist Association, 1976-80. In 1980 he was elected to serve full time as Secretary Treasurer of Missions for the churches of the ABA and for sixteen years he worked with missionaries around the world, and promoted the cause of missions in hundreds of churches.

The words of David used to describe King Saul after his death, fitly describe D. S. "Boots" Madden, "Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day… (2 Samuel 3:38). He will be greatly missed by his family, his preacher brethren, his church and his many friends.

McBride Lynn McBride

McClung John McClung

John McClung was a great revivalist and speaker among Missionary Baptist Churches for many years. Brother McClung was also a teacher at CMBI.

McCormick Donald McCormick

Mensink Dr. Mensink

Dr. Jan R. Mensink is a neurosurgeon in Bakersfield, California.

Miller Dr. Lester Miller

Dr. Lester Miller is President of FMBI Fresno Missionary Baptist Institute in Fresno, California.

Neighbors Pastor Phil Neighbors

Co Pastor at Valley Baptist Church

Newton Keith Newton

Brother Keith Newton pastored several American Baptist Association churches throughout the states. Every time he preached the Word of God affected peoples lives.

Parker Dr. R J Parker

Dr. Parker taught this seminar on Parliamentary Law in Dr. Reed's Classes. Dr. R J Parker MD was a Licensed Parliamentarian and taught Parliamentary Law for many years.

Phillips Dr. James M. Phillips

Dr. Jim's ministry has covered over 40 years. Jim has Preached and taught thousands of sermons and classes. Some of these messages from every decade have been uploaded onto this website. Jim's ministry has been focused on teaching the Old and New Testament Scriptures from the original languages. Dr.Jim is from American Indian background and he uses many illustrations from his Chickasaw background. He laces in stories of interest from many historical sources. Jim teaches Church History with great

Price Don Price

Reed Dr. Roy M. Reed

Dr. Roy M. Reed 1926-1986 Dr. Reed was a great man in the service of the Lord. He pastored churches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and California. He was president of the California Missionary Baptist Institute for 23 years. He was president of thde ABA in 1976-77. He wrote several books and taught at the seminary all during his ministry as pastor of the First Missionary Baptist Church in Bellflower California. Dr. Reed was a great teacher and preacher of God's Word. It would take pages to list all of h

Richardson Dr. Art E Richardson

On June 12, 1933 in Stearns, Kentucky, Lee and Edith Richardson became the proud parents of Arthur E. Richardson. When Art was just a boy his family moved to Ohio. At age 10, Brother Art accepted Christ as Savior and was baptized by the Vine Street Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. After surrendering to the call of the ministry in 1950, Brother Art was married to Billie Fulgham on November 22, 1951. The Sunset Missionary Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, ordained Brother Art in June of 1952. In 1952, at the age of 19, Brother Art began pastoring his first church. He was pastor of the Midlothian Missionary Baptist Church in Midlothian, Texas, until 1956. In 1956, Brother Art felt the call to come out west and began pastoring the Wilmington, Missionary Baptist Church until 1958, when he moved on to pastor Sharon Missionary Baptist Church in Long Beach, California. After pastoring Sharon for two years, Brother Richardson was called to pastor Meiners Oaks Missionary Baptist Church of Ojai, California. In 1963, Brother Art left the work in California to do Interstate Mission work in Mississippi and Arizona. In 1968, Brother Richardson returned to California to once again pastor the Meiners Oaks Church. In 1972, Brother Art accepted the pastorate at the First Missionary Baptist Church of Lomita, California, where he continued for 13 years. Beginning in 1985, he served the MBC in Shafter as pastor until 1995, and then pastored the FLMBC in Visalia from 1995 until 2007. It wasn't until Brother Richardson came to Lomita that he was able to further his education by attending CMBI in 1973. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in 1978, and was soon asked to join the faculty at CMBI, which he gladly accepted. In 1984, however, Brother Richardson had to leave the seminary to fill a vacancy in the ACE school he instituted at the Lomita Church where he was pastor. He received his Masters and Doctorate Degrees from CMBI in 1987. In 1978, Brother Richardson was elected Assistant Moderator of the California State Association. After serving that office, Brother Richardson went on to become Moderator of the State Association in 1982, and served in that office for two years. He served as Vice-President of the American Baptist Association for a total of 7 years, with 5 of those years being consecutive from 1992 through 1996. He then became President of the American Baptist Association for the years 1997 and 1998.

Sharver Dr. E A Sharver

Dr. E A Sharver was a great educators and pastor among ABA Missionary Baptist Churches. He was former President of CMBI July9, 1960 to November 13, 1962. Dr. Sharver was a great theologian and each sermon that he preached could be studied for a lifetime and never get it all digested. Each message was a goldmine of information.

Spradlin Pastor Roger Spradlin

Co Pastor at Valley Baptist Church

Stevenson Dr. Fred G. Stevenson

Dr. Fred Stevenson taught Hebrew and Greek at the Missionary Baptist College at Little Rock Arkansas. Here are a few messages of Dr. Stevenson for you to enjoy.

Suh Dr. Seung Chan Suh

Dr. Suh was Brother Phillips' close friend, student in Greek and Hebrew, and classmate. Dr. Suh was a most brilliant student and a very dedicated man of God. Brother Suh's great goal was to start a good sound seminary in Korea to educate young men and women for the service of God. Shortly after arriving on the mission field, Dr. Suh died of a massive stroke. Dr. Suh's work as a student in America and one of the founding father's of the work in Korea is legendary.

Sullivan Tim Sullivan

Brother Tim Sullivan was one of Dr. Jim.s close friends while he attended CMBI. Brother Sullivan was a substitute teacher at CMBI and a great one. It was thrilling to hear Brother Sullivan to teach on any subject. He was a well educated man.

Tillman Lee Tillman