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Dr. Jim's literal translation of John 1:18

theon oudeis huoraken poepote monogeneis theos ho oen ais ton kolpon tou patros ekeinos exegasato


Theon oudeis huoraken poepote
God no one has seen no never
theon oudeis huoraken poepote

God no one has seen ( 3rd person singular perfect indicative active)


monogeneis theos
monogeneis theos

[the] only begotten God


ho oen the One being
ho oen

the (nominative singular masculine definite article) One being ( nominative singular masculine present participle active)



inseparably in (ais = extension or limitation of thought or verbal action sign of the accusative)


ton kolpon the bosom
ton kolpon

the (accusative singular masculine definite article) bosom (accusative singular masculine noun)
The bosom of a man is inseparable from his person it is who he is it is where he is it is the very essence of his being.


tou patros
tou patros

of the (genitive singular masculine definite article) Father (the Godhead) (genitive singular masculine case of possession )



That One (nominative singular masculine demonstrative pronoun)



He has led Himself out ( 3rd person singular 1 aorist indicative Middle voice). From ek (out of) ago (to lead or bring)


Jehovah God in the person of Jesus Christ led Himself out of eternity into space and time to procure salvation for all mankind and to redeem the universe back to Himself. John 3:13 Revelation 22:13 Isaiah 44:6 48:12


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