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Dr. Jim's literal translation of John 1:14

kai ho logos sarz egeneto kai eskanoosen en hemin kai etheasametha tein doksan autou doksan hoos monogenous para patros plairais karitos kai aleitheias


Kai ho Logos - And the Word
kai ho logos

Nominative singular masculine noun and definite article (Jehovah Himself) it's a Hebraism. In the Old Testament when the Hebrews came to the word YHWH they did not say the word nor try to pronounce it but just referred to it as the Word or The Name. (After receiving the commandments from Moses, the Hebrew People were fearful of using the personal name of God.) The modern Hebrews say the word Adonai in itís place. The name of course is the personal name of God which is translated from the King James version of the Bible as Jehovah.


sarz - flesh

nominative singular feminine( flesh is a feminine word). Jehovah became flesh.


egeneto - He became

He became for himself ( 3rd person singular 2 aorist indicative middle voice). Here is the fulfillment of the Jehovah title. The meaning of this name which we pronounce as Jehovah but the true pronouncation is lost: "He Who Shall Become"


kai eskanoosen
kai eskanoosen

and He pitched His tent ( 3rd person singular 1st aorist indicative active)


en hemin - among us
en hemin

God pitched is tent among us - and in human flesh to redeem us as kinsman redeemer.


kai etheasametha
kai etheasametha

and we beheld for ourselves as on a fully lighted stage ( 1st person plural 1st aorist indicative middle)


tein doksan autou
tein doksan autou

the glory of Him (belonging to him, genitive singular mascluine 3rd person pronoun)


doksan hoos monogenous para patros

doksan hoos monogenous para patros

the glory as the only generated one from beside the Father



Filled up and overflowing


karitos kai aleitheias
karitos kai aleitheias

with Grace and Truth (out in the open, not hidden)


See also Exodus 40: 34-38 the first tabernacle a type of Christ Jehovah to come. II Peter 1:16-18, Revelation 1:4-8 and† 19:6-7 & 13-16

Other cross references: I John 1:1-3, 4:2, Heb. 2:14, Gal. 4:4, Rev. 19:13-16, II Cor. 4:4, Rom. 1:3,20, Heb. 1:1-4, Rev. 1:4-8, Isa. 9:6, Eph. 3:11, I Cor. 8:6, Gen. 1:2, 2:4, Isa. 44:6, Col. 2:8-9, Rev. 21:2-3, Psa. 33:6, Phil. 2:5-11, John 14:9, I Tim. 3:15-16, Ex. 40:34-38, II Peter 1:16-18, I Kings 8:10-11, Deut 18:15

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