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The Trail of Blood




Having been associated for years with men who thought and taught the false scientific theories of these things, and trying to find one truth so pure that it had no mixture of Demon or man made imitation or invention in it, the writer determined to find, from the word of God if possible, and from those free minded men of the centuries which went before this age, a revealed Divine story of the Creation, as the languages of the Bible gave it to us. So the writer, for many years has dug into the languages of the Word of God and the philosophies of the ages and hoped for this, which the reader now has before him in this small volume. This cost many weary hours of labor, yet it is well worth the effort, if the writer can get a single unprejudiced soul to think with him and perhaps go deeper into the Divine fountain, the original scriptures of the Bible and make this, which the writer believes to be entirely free from any prejudice, but having laid aside all prejudice, he has attempted to come to the revealed record of Divine action called the Creation.

In this conclusion a summary of faith is not out of place here to help us all in giving to the world this true record of the word that God gave us, and if possible help some wavering soul to cast his lot with those who believe in Divine Direct Creation, and no mediary steps in that creation. At this present time, when there is every kind of theory to take the place of real revelation found in the Word, we are at a loss [to] know just what we should believe in such matters, unless we have the Word of God to guide us. Both Old and New Testament, when correctly given in the vernacular of our own language, and in terms which our own people can understand, instead of in theological terms which few do understand, will give us the real meaning of the creations which our God gave in His true inspired Bible. The three Bibles that I have mentioned here in the book, are still mostly in the world, thanks to our Archaeologists, who are digging up the very earliest records of anything like religion. Our own Bible having been so precious as to have come down to us practically through many translations, many times fettered and hampered by the prejudices of false religionists, and in these last times, [we] are sure that we now have it with the doubt of [ ] a few words, as it came from the men who wrote it. There is now known to be not a single change that would change the doctrinal teaching of the Book. I think there are but two or three unimportant words yet in the manuscripts, that our scholars have to declare they do not know which words are the correct ones. One case of this I can think of here is in Revelation. We do not know whether the writer said "King of Kings" or "King of Ages." The manuscripts vary on the word somewhat, and just two or three words vary in the whole of the New Testament.

Our own Bible, having come to us so correctly through the centuries, when Pagan Priests and false religionists were trying to rid the world of the true Word for their own political, social, and financial gains has had to struggle for its own existence. I do not know how God did it, but somehow that faith of the fathers has been kept intact for us at this late day in the twentieth century since Jesus gave His life and descended from His Father's realm into this sordid world of sin and wickedness to save man from out of this and bring him into his Father's home. Our faith is now assured for we have the records now straight enough to give us the truth on every doctrine and every truth that God gave through His word to mankind. The chief business of mankind is now to "Study to show himself approved to God a workman, needing not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

With all the heresies going the rounds concerning creation, we may be assured that the Word of God has given us the true statements concerning this glorious act of God in creating Heavens and Earth. Just why we cannot as Christians, all, give God complete Glory and declare Him the Creator of Heavens and Earth as the writers of the Word have done so many times. When we get together all the statements that God has put in the Word, we can be assured that the Creation was instantaneous, exact, perfect, and never did God do anything in any other way. Men take time to do their work, but God does all His great acts instantaneously. That is Divine work and Divine ways of working. Results of Creation usually take time, but the creation itself is instantaneous. The translation that the writer has given of Isaiah 48:3 shows that God was speaking about the original things done in creation. Then our first idea that we wish to declare is that Creation is Instantaneous.

The second idea that we have put forth in this book is that creative power is in the Spirit God. I am sure there is not a single place in the Old Testament, where the word "OF" is between the word Spirit and God or between Spirit and Jehovah. In fact no word for "OF" stands in the Hebrew language in that sense. Our English language has played tricks on the ideas of the Hebrew. Our English speaks as though God has a Spirit, which is not nearly so good an expression as to say Spirit God, which the idea is. As the writer has translated Job 26: 13; Psalm 33:6; Psalm 104:30, the readers can determine at once that the Spirit crystallized out the material creation instantly.

Another idea that this book has in its very makeup is that of the God Father planning the creation. The word God in Genesis 1:1 is a plural and has the meaning of at least Trinity. Then that God said "Let us." To whom did he speak? In Genesis 1:26 he said "Let us make MAN (lit. ADAM) in our invisible image (evidently in spirit and intelligence) according to our visible (blood flowing) likeness," (Evidently in the likeness the Son God was to take, when he came to the earth). So the God Father was in the intelligence of God the planner of the Creation. Every one of the three persons of the Godhead was interested in the creation and had his part in it.

Another idea of the book that will bear study is that of Creation being made according to patterns furnished by and through the Christ. The Christ Son God is the medium of the Creation. Then to say that Evolution is the method of creation is to say that Christ is the medium of evolution which is ridiculous. In the instantaneous creation of everything Jesus or rather the Son God or the Christ person furnished the patterns and the medium of them all. The Scriptures both the Old and New Testament give us this notion. I have given many translations reduced to the vernacular, so one may get an idea of this. I did not put it in Theological terms, made it simple in my translations of the scriptures. I do not claim unusual ability to give the translations to man, but I have merely put it in simple easily understood language. I have endeavored to keep free from Theology and Theological discussions and give the common man like myself the idea as it has appealed to our class.

One simple idea is the power of the Spirit to hold everything in solution. This is literally the key that unlocks the method and manner of the creation to us. This is a natural law, the law of solution. I wonder that more have not applied it to the spirit realm ere now. I quoted and translated as accurately as I could some scriptures with this idea foremost in them. Isaiah 44:24; 2 Peter 3:10-12 and others show this wonderful power of the Spirit of God to hold material in solution. The resurrection of Jesus and our own resurrection is proof of this very thing. When Jesus came through the walls of the upper room, spirit dissolved His body into itself and He came through the walls as though there was no material walls there. This is the eternal power of the spirit and so this key to the creation is the Word's own way of giving men the plan of God in the glorious Creation of God the Almighty.

For years, having to deal in college and university, as I taught with the men who believed in superstitional creative work like Hamitic evolution, or Japhetic evolution, for right there in Ancient times the seeds of this modernism were sown, and now for centuries the world of men have handed down to their sons in education, in religion, the wicked ideas of these ungodly ancient religionists. So let us put aside superstition, tradition and go back to the unsullied Word of God, which is free from all this and we will be the better for having put trust into God our Father, Jesus our elder brother, and Spirit our cleanser and renewer. God grant us faith in this our own Bible, which God gave by inspiration under His own self in the Spirit God. I ask the reader to again review the three kinds of Bibles there are in the world, and then as he investigates the true word of God he will conclude that only the word of God tells the true thing about the creation. We can at His last put faith in this and give our God glory for wonderful works demonstrated to the children of men.

Paul said in Hebrews chapter six these memorable words. "Therefore, going away from the statement of the anointing, may we be carried unto the completion, not putting down again the foundation of repentance from dead words, and of faith unto God, of teaching of baptisms and putting on of hands, of a standing up of corpses, and of a judgment of an age, and we will do this if the God will turn it to us." This statement of our brother Paul, inspired of God to tell us and also to write one third of the New Testament for us, will encourage us to do as he advised his son in the ministry, Timothy, to "Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that had no need to be ashamed, cutting straight the Word of Truth." This encouragement is given us to study the great doctrines of the Bible and in doing so we will not be influenced by all the Superstitions of the men who have called themselves Christians through the last nineteen hundred years. If we are the Christian body of Jesus, let us stand firm on that ground and let the world think what they will. Let us give them our doctrines, and not borrow off them what they think of all the great doctrines of the Word of God. If we have no men who are fitted to write the word into our faith and explain it to the world, surely we are what they say of us, that we are "ignorant and unlearned." They tell it on us and they said it of the apostles, they said it of Jesus, they still say it of his followers. Instead of fighting each other and calling each other names and trying to get position and destroy each other, let us take the word, and not the Pseudosciences of Hamites, Japhethites, of Romanists, of Episcopals, of Methodists, of every other brand who hate us enough so we do not need to sing hymns of hate to each other. Brethren, let us leave off jealousy and fear of not being able to secure place and name for ourselves and receive with meekness the Word of God as God gave it, and leave our bickering and backbiting to sinners and heathen. We are God's own people, a peculiar priesthood, a royal nation, a holy called out group. Let us plead for the Word of God, and stand on its merits and not leave our thinking to be measured by sinners and men of this age, whose minds are blinded by the love of the age and not enlightened by the Spirit of our God.

I am sending forth this little book with a prayer that it will inspire men to read and study the Word of God in and on the Creation Doctrine, for so I have tried to outline the doctrine, having been wearied by scientific guesses for nearly thirty years on the marvel of God's grace, the Creation. I have found at last that thinking from the Word of God which satisfies me and am giving it to you with the hope that you may find it in a philosophy of the doctrine, that will help you when you are assailed by the Paganistic teachings of worldly men, whose chief aim is to rob you and your children of your Divine Heritage of being allowed to think with God and His Book. May this little book go and bring blessings to you who read it and strengthen your faith in God and His Creative ability.

April 1944