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Let us give here several theories which in the texts of Astronomy and Geology have "PROBABLYS" and "PERHAPSES" before them. The scientist will start out thus: "The actual origin of the Earth and Stars and Sun of the Universe is problematical, but PERHAPS the beginning was like this. Great rings of Nebulous matter was swinging around in space and as millions of years went on this nebular mass collected into planets, stars, suns, asteroids, and the beginnings of the planets, suns, and starts and asteroids were brought about PROBABLEY in such a way." I should like to ask our scientific guesser "WHO WAS THERE TO SEE IT?" Was it God or Angels or Who? Let God answer it in Job 38:3-7. "Gird up thy loins like a man, and I will demand of thee, and inform thou me. Where was thou when I founded the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding. Who fixed its measures, that thou shouldest know? Or who laid the line upon it? Where were its foundations sunken, or who laid the cornerstone. When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for Joy?" (American Baptist Publication Society Bible, translated by T. J. Conant, Horation B. Hackett, Asahel C. Kendrick, Alvah Hevey, John A. Broadus, Henery G. Westen.)

Or a second theory of what the Scientists call the EXPLOSION THEORY. They begin thus, "There were great hot masses of matter probably in the beginning, which from the heat and gases generated by this heat, exploded and flung far out into space parts of the original masses. These parts cooled for many thousands and even millions of years into the planetary systems of the present time, and when these masses were sufficiently cooled, life appeared on the planets and evolved up to the present standards which we have today. In all PROBABILITY there was divine selection to make this life thrive on some of the planets and other planets have already cooled off so no life can exist, also other planets have not yet become cool enough to support life." They go on in this way at "RANDOM," "GUESSING" about all this. They fool only those who are willing to be "FOOLED" into believing this stuff.

A third theory is called the "ACCRETION THEORY." This one is about like the other only the original matter is wandering around aimlessly in space and bumping in together and the greatest force or a component of forces generate the path of the planet, the star, the sun, the asteroid or the comet! This third theory is an amazing thing, for by the accretion or bumping of these particles of matter together, heat was generated and then Chemism steps in and produces everything. This is quite a guess! It savors of the Babylonians and the early Greeks and Romans! It reminds us of the Babylonian philosophers and men like Thales, Empedocles, Anaximander, and a few of the Pagans who tried to explain things.

One theory of the Ancients was that "AIR" was the basis of all things, another was that "WATER" was the basis of everything. Another was that "FIRE" was the beginning of all things. Another said a combination of two or more of these. One finally got to Pantheism, and said that the whole universe was an immovable fixed Deity. If we choose to do so, we could multiply these ancient and modern "GUESSES" by the hundreds. One is about as good as another, but it remains that the Bible is the only book that has ever given any direct information on how Creation came about. In contrast to these theories we shall give the Word of God on this subject and show it by hidden meanings to the words of the Old and New Testaments. Robert Young, in his Greek concordance to the New Testament gave about eight thousand hidden meanings to the wording of the Greek in the New Testament. He knew about more of the meanings of the New Testament than any man of the times of one hundred years ago. He discovered those "KOINE" meanings of the Greek, which had been lost in the shuffle of the middleage so called scholarship, when the traditionalism of Rabbi and Priest ruled the religious thinking of the lands where Christianity was the ruling religion. Late researches in the Koine Greek have corroborated every one of his meanings with plenty of evidence.

Let me state here what Robert Young wrote in his "Prefatory note to the Greek Concordance of the New Testament." "The New Testament words and idioms are based, moreover, upon those of the Septuagent version, therefore, it is of great importance to know the ORIGINAL HEBREW words that they represent in that Version and the omission of that feature is a serious defect in BRUDER." (Bruder was a previous writer, who arranged the Greek Concordance of Symson. He was preceded by a dozen men who will be nameless here for lack of space). Let us state here that in the rounds of interpretation, that the New Testament has been cut free from the Old too often in the ideas men have had in Interpreting the latter book. Men have put too much spiritualization into the Old Testament, and have not evaluated enough the ideas there stated in their view of the New covenant.

For reasons stated above, the writer has been very careful to give as nearly as possible the exact meanings of the words in question concerning the creation, and the uses they have in connection with the trinity of the Godhead. For this reason, this is a summary of the part played by the God Father, the God Son, the God Spirit in the glorious act of bringing a creation into existence. We have not gone in any direction in our explanation, but that the Godhead created DIRECT, with the mediary things which evolutionists say are put in the process of the rise from lower forms to higher forms in the scale of life. For men to put any steps between God and any single creation in which he has said it was direct, and the writer knows where these ideas all came in the civilizations of the world. We have history, we have philosophy, we have religion, we have institutions, we have everything else that humanity has set up and they all go back to three main ideas, [bringing] up immediately after the flood in the threefold racial condition from the three sons of Noah, Japheth (Japheth the elder in Genesis 10:21), Shem and Ham. These three racial characters had in them all the triune racial characteristics of the three races coming out of the family of Noah through the flood and bringing the threefold racialism from beyond the deluge through one family.

With the theories of creation before us that men have originated, we are at a loss to see how men have borrowed their ideas off Pseudoscientists for thousands of years and put that interpretation into the Word of God. There have never been any short times when this idea of direct creation was lacking in the thinking of men. They went so far in trying to explain it, that they had no other grounds to give [for] it and they said "out of nothing" God created things. They had no other statement to make, when the Pseudoscientist pushed them that far, and they invented that, when a careful study of the Word as hundreds of men had made it, would have given them even the great unseen atomic relation of dissolved matter, and since modern science has pushed it yet farther and called it eonic, electric, yet it is all unseen and out of the original unseen material did God create all things. Read carefully Col. 1:16, Hebrews 11:3. These two scriptures will give one the thought that God was the Triune personality and in his Spirit He held all matter in solution. For a scripture that will show how God will dissolve all material again, read 2 Peter 3:10-12. These have been translated before and they will be brought again to the attention of the reader, and need not be given here.

To begin an illustration here which illustrates how the writer was attracted to his present interpretation of the Creation. Many years ago he was teaching Greek in a University of the Middle South. In the class were a number of young preachers. They were reading the Iliad of Homer. In the fifth book the story runs that the gods were in the habit of coming down and fighting with their mortal friends. This divided the gods into two parties. One party of the gods favored the Trojans, and the other favored the Greeks. One of these was a Goddess, favoring the Trojans, for her son Aeneas a demigod was fighting another demigod Diomede. In the battle the son of Aphrodite, Aeneas, was defeated and his Goddess mother assumed his form and led Diomede away, so this gave the poet the excuse for this little thing which the writer quoted here. Diomede shot an arrow with such divine power it wounded this goddess in the hand, then the poet remarks, "The gods do not eat food nor drink wine, but their food is ambrosia and their drink is nectar, therefore they are bloodless and are called immortals," and "Not blood but spiritual fluid (icor) flowed out of the wound in the hand of the goddess." This was a bit of astonishment to the class and to the writer. The question was asked there and that was more than twenty years ago, "Is not spirit the reason for the immortality of bodies of immortals?" The question had rather a startling effect on the instructor of the class and investigation was made and to the astonishment of the writer the whole key to both the resurrection and the creation was unfolded in his mind. It took this form. Since Spirit is the life of the resurrected bodies, is it not the power of the generation of created things. In study of this the writer found that both the creation of the heavens and earthly things were a direct result of the power of the spirit activity of God. In Psalms 33:6 has this peculiarity in direct translation. "In the Word of Jehovah were the heavens made, and in the breath (literally "spirit") of His mouth all their host."

In Job 26:13 there is a striking thing said also. "In His Spirit the heavens are brightness, and His hand the crooked serpent (a constellation)." Here spirit and hand of God are the same. There are several synonyms used in figures of speech in the Bible. The Hebrew language is rich in such figures. Hand, spirit, power, might, breath, breathing, and a number of other figures have the same meaning. Thus God formed in His power, in His Spirit, in His breathing, in His strength, in His hand. All these expressions are synonymous in meaning. Another scripture here will help also. In Psalms 104:30, after the discussion has been on the creation there is this figure used. "Thou will send forth thy spirit, they will be created, Thou hast made new the faces of the ground." This expression gets the matter reduced to facts as to the real creation. The Spirit God went forth and were instantaneously created Heavens and Earth. One may ask, "Why instantaneously?" This is the very question that is under discussion here. Is it ages upon ages of an evolutionary process, or did God do this creating like minerals are crystallized out of [solvents]? Now we admit that crystals grow larger in time, but they all show that they were instantaneous smaller crystals to begin with. Every little layer is a new crystal added to the already crystallized substance. I have illustrated this often by a sugar and water example. Water is two colorless gases. Sugar is two colorless gases the same is in water and a black hard metallic substance called carbon. In Water the gases hydrogen and oxygen combine in two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen and the compound is water. In sugar the elements hydrogen, oxygen and carbon combine thus; carbon 12 parts, hydrogen 22 parts, and oxygen 11 parts, the resulting compound is sugar. Dissolve these black carbon, colorless oxygen and hydrogen in water and they disappear to the eye. Then change the temperature of the water and the sugar crystallizes out of the water instantaneously. Look at the water with the sugar in it and it appears as water under the highpowered microscope, then keep watching as the sugar comes out into crystals and one cannot tell just when they come out. They were not in the field of the microscope one instant and the next they are there in hundreds. No one knows just what happens. So is the creation, so the dissolution of the worlds and all matter for that.

A scriptural proof of the instantaneous creation of matter is found in Isaiah 48:3. "The former things I declared long ago; yea they went forth out of my mouth, and I announced them; suddenly I wrought and they came to pass." (Poetic Trans. A.B.P.S.) I gave a literal translation of the Hebrew further back in the book, which the reader may see. The King James is also as clear on this, but the word former comes from the word translated beginning in Genesis 1:1. Another proof scripturally of the instant business of creation is the example Jesus gave us in his appearance to eleven in the upper room, He was not seen, but he crystallized the body out of the spirit, where it was as he came through the walls of the upper room. The eleven saw Him instantly, for He was not in their vision before. This is literally what creation is, or really crystallization out into space and time. Materially everything before was not in sight being held in solution in spirit. Then spirit desires and crystallizes the material out into time and space. When God got ready to do that, He sent forth His spirit, and they were instantly created or crystallized out into time and space. Creation is just the obverse of the resurrection. Resurrection is literally the dissolution of the material body into the Spirit life and then the spirit has power to crystallize it out and dissolve it at will. Read here Genesis 1:1 and all the creation scriptures again that I have given in translation here and you will discover that. Then read 2 Peter 3:10-12: Rev 20:11, and you will see the obverse of the creation.

I have spent much time in elaborating this because I have been accused of being a modernist, and an evolutionist. I wish to declare that any one that does not take this position is much nearer to the theories of Evolution than I am. Some of the opponents of this position call it wild, visionary, fanatical, because they did not happen to know anything about it, and could not have known for they have taken the traditional theories of the Pseudoscientists of ages. Many men who have believed this for all the centuries were unable to get their work before the Pseudoscientists, who have the field of education. They still have it. Recently I went to a commencement of a high school, where evolution is taught and the Bible is not allowed in the curriculum, and everything said both at the baccalaureate sermon, preached by a protestant clergyman, and at the graduation exercises, which compromised to International Judaism, Sovietism, and a number of the modern isms, all ungodly and atheistic, everything said at these two functions was unbibical, ungodly, and all the other Un******* things that one might think of. Not a line of Christianity, nor a reference to the Divinity of Jesus, not a reference to the salvation of the race. Everything [was] modernistic to the extreme. This was the largest high school in a mid western state. Too many people, even preachers of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ believe with the Scientists and the Atheists in the great doctrines of the Bible.

You may ask, why I am stressing so much this doctrine of the creation. The simple reason is that too many people today never study what God says about it in his book, but are always ready to take what men have been trying for centuries to have men believe what Hamitic and Japhetic philosophers have been trying to thrust into human thinking, instead of what God says about it. I am sure I shall be maligned, even by some of my own brethren about this, but what God says about this is the true thing and not what some men have been believing and stating for centuries. Then another thing if the Pseudo-scientists can take the Genesis away from men, they will have broken down the last vestige of faith in God as the creator. With the creation story as put in Genesis stands or falls the whole fabric of the Bible philosophy. Either God inspired the story of Genesis or Moses was merely writing philosophy as Flavius Josphus declares and thereby denies the infallibility of the Word of God. If modern scientists, with all due respect to the word science, can destroy the first three chapters of Genesis, they have taken away the hope of the human race in God, in an Inspired Bible, in all things that the Christian holds dear.

Another thing in the creation is the matter of giving pattern or form to the created things. This is done through the Christ principle or element of the Godhead. When I state it as principle, remember that I am dealing entirely with the creative principle represented in the Christ. Many scriptures deal with this, and it will not be necessary here to give more than a few. John 1:3, has the clearest statement of this formation principle. "All things were become through Him and apart from Him was not one single thing become, which was become." I translate "EGENETO" here in the sense of becoming. This shows the Word of God, or literally the Word-God as the former of the everything in creation. In all the Old Testament scriptures in which the word "YATSAR" or give form to is used, this principle of things coming through the Christ principle of the Godhead is the one spoken.

1 Cor. 8:6 also has the same statement in this formative business coming through the Christ. "But to us there is one God, the Father, out of whom the everything, and we into Him, and one Lord Jesus Christ through Him the everything and we through Him." Also Colossians 1:16 declares that the same idea is given in the creation. Men who have the enlarged idea of the Christ surly must give to Him the glory of salvation, when through Him came all things, and when they were created, then sin marred them. So now in Salvation they will all be restored through Him into the perfection which God planned in the beginning. I have been astonished occasionally, when I read some verses of the New Testament like John 3:16. It states, "For God so loved (a distinct word for love) the CREATED UNIVERSE, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever puts trust into Him might not perish, but have life age long." The word used here is "created universe" and the statement is that God is through His Son Jesus saving an eternal home for His redeemed along with their salvation. Also see Rom. 8:19;21. This puts a new look on the word world, which is an English translation of that word in John 3:16.

Now since we have given the various parts of the creative power to the Spirit God and the God Son, there is another part to the creation work, which we will call the Plan of the Creation. This is evidently the part of the God Father or the intelligence of the Godhead. This intelligence Godhead wrought out the plans of the creation. We may liken this to a human building trio. One man arranges the plans, another makes the blueprints and another executes the work. Generally in building somebody conceives the work and another makes the blueprints of the work and another does the construction of the work. So the creation. God Father planned the creation, and here is the location of the Hebrew word "BARA" and the Greek word "KTIZO." In this creative work of the Father. Then the Christ person of the Godhead came to the activity of furnishing form and likeness in the creation. Here came in the Hebrew word "YATSAR" and the Greek word "GINETAI." This is the blueprinting of the creation through Christ. Then came the actual work of construction. The Hebrew word "GHASAH" and the Greek word "POIEO" come in, in the actual work of the Holy Spirit in Creation. These three pairs of words bring out the whole of the creation in the persons of the Triune Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Remembering again that the first word recorded in the Bible in the Hebrew is a plural word and the plural in Hebrew means at least three, we have a beautiful expressing for the Triune God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Putting it yet in other words, we have this definition of the creation. God the Father planned the Creation, God the Son gave the patterns, and God the Holy Spirit executed the work. All this was done immediately and instantly. Any other position yields to the Evolutionists, both the Theistic and the Atheistic. All these three have been in the world since the racial variance successive to the flood period in Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

There are three primary statements of Creation. One the Theistic Evolutionistic and it is primarily Hamitic at base. Out of Ancient Babylon it came and it was first voiced by Ham, during the time of the formation of the Nimrod Empire and the successive kings of that Empire. It has been called Ancient Baalism. It is this; Out of a great chaotic void god principle or Concecrative Selective worked on the chaotic void and out came development of simple forms of life and out of them grew higher forms of life and eventually the god of this turned out to develop into sex life. This gave rise to the worship of the gods and goddesses of sex. Right here is where the Theistic Evolutionist of today must go, right down that groove until he arrives at the god of SEX. Ancient Hamism is that it has influenced the world beyond calculation. It is in half of Christianity today and its votaries cry out for all the vagaries of modern so called Christianity.

A second theory of the Creation is that of Atheism and Chemism. This is nearly all called accidental. Everything by millions of years by accident became what we know and see today. This is wholly the actions of chemicals on chemicals. The original matter was nebular or some other theory of the many we have heard, but out of this accident came life and all that is of creation and forms of it now. This theory denies the existence of God. There is no such a being, and natural force, chemical force is all of it. How natural force got to work is another matter. They all say it was accidental. This second is the modern educational theory. Very few Theistic Evolutionists have much to do with modern education. Most books for young people to read as scientific books are this Atheistic brand. But on the other [hand] most of the literature of the day is Theistic Evolution, in huge letters blazened across the sky of our lives in huge letters SEX.

The third statement of the creation is Biblical. Which I have gone to the trouble for these forty years to define. Put in simple words it is the Revealed Creation doctrine which we have in the Word of God today. Just as there are three Bibles in the world and there have been three nearly as long as humanity has written history. One the Japhetic Bible, the Hamitic Bible and the Revealed Bible of Truth, which holy men of old wrote as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. The Japhetic Bible is that great book of writings beginning with the Greeks and working itself out in the Roman world. The first outlines of it are found in the "Theogyny of Hesoid" which the reader will find in Volume II of the "Library of original Sources," the volume called the Greek world. The Hamitic Bible can be found also in Volume I of this same set and also in "Archeology and the Bible," a book on Archeology. These works are called the "Babylonian Epics" they give the original thinking of the Hamitic peoples. Also the Hamitic Bible is found in another form in this same volume and is called the "Book of the Dead" of the Ancient Egyptians. However, the book of the dead is mixed with Shemite legend and Shemite traditional theology.

The Bible of the Shemites, our Bible, is the INSPIRED RECORD THAT GOD HAD WRITTEN BY HIS SPIRIT FILLED MEN and is the only true record of all these great things in bald rugged outline. God made His will known to men in this way, and when men went into sin, He even gave them a Christ, the central figure of the Bible. The Bible centers in a people, the Shemites headed by the Hebrew Abraham, and then in his people it centers around the seed of Abraham, Christ Jesus, according to the flesh of the seed of Abraham and God's king, David. These men sinners all according to the flesh, but Son God Christ Jesus without sin nature in the flesh, and the divine for sin, condemning, literally judging sin in the flesh (Adam nature). Christ buying back all things that had no will unto God, and those that had will giving them privileges of coming, if they but would through Him.