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The Trail of Blood




In this chapter, I shall show the origin of the theories of the Creation, as they exist today, and then give the true one from the Bible and the original source from which it came, the VERBALLY INSPIRED BOOK OF GOD IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGES. In doing so I shall put every translator, commentator, every scriptorian, and every theorist up against the ORIGINAL GOD INSPIRED LANGUADE USED BY THE WRITERS OF THE BOOK.

1. The first theory of creation we shall take up here is that of the Materialist. He is either the Atheist or the Chemical Evolutionist. There is not much difference between the two, for the first believes in chance bringing together the chemical particles which with chemical affinity produces everything in existence. Beautiful descriptions of this have been presented by scientists, time and again, until one would think they have very vivid imaginations. The latter, the Chemical Evolutionist, believes that Chemism is entirely responsible for the existence of the present order of things, but, that the present order has not always been, but has evolved out of other orders of things, even down to the nebular condition of a thing.

2. The second theory is that of a Selective Force working on the Chemical elements, with a purpose, however, rather a fatalistic force, and not an intelligent force, and its purpose is to develop Gods, demons, beneficent beings which are angelic, and man, and then orders and orders running down to the very lowest forms of life, until we get into Chemism again being given the power of selection. This theory necessitates that Creation is going on all the time and there has been always creation at every turn in time and all space. Rather a nice theory, but Science has never yet been in position to solve the mystery of life, even, however lowly. This theory of life is the latest and the best that man has ever been able to theorize upon. Yet the pseudo-scientists have been struggling manfully to destroy the faith of the average Christians. However, the only persons affected much so far is the young who are being educated under the present system, which is rapidly coming to the position of the Evolutionist.

3. The third statement of the Creation is that found ordinarily in the mind of the average Christian. There is a statement going the rounds that God is responsible for all creation, and the average gives Him power and supreme intelligence, but they fail to conceive of God as being able to create directly anything. This borders closely on what the Scientists have named, "Theistic Evolution," that is, God made everything, but he did not take the trouble to supervise and do the work of creation, but set laws going and these laws worked out what we see of the present order of things. Many Christian believers think that God first brought into being and then worked out of that chaos the present Heavens and Earth. This is the average idea of many Christians, and they render the first Chapter of Genesis as being a Divine record all right, but they interpret it as being a gradual process of creation is even great periods or days. They give the word "day" the meaning of a long period of time.

The statement of the Word, however, is quite different from that. We need first to define the words which are used with the creation of the Heavens and the earth. A quotation translated here directly from the Hebrew of Isaiah 48:3 will help us concerning the instantaneousness and immediate action of God in the Creation. In this verse God himself is speaking to [man] . "The first things from then I caused to make known, they went forth from my mouth, and I caused to say them aloud, instantly I caused to do, and they went out." A new idea of creation here is presented to us. Should any one say that he was speaking here are the Israelitish things, go further into the verses surrounding this one verse and discern what He is telling these Israelites.

From the New Testament, also, we have another very striking verse in the matter of creation. In Hebrews 11:3, there is stated the manner of things as we know them as to how they came out into existence. A direct translation is necessary here to give the startling meaning of the exact wording of the original Greek. We all admit that both Isaiah and Paul wrote under inspiration. They knew exactly what they were saying and doing, but they did not know sometime, just the full import of the words they were uttering. I believe that often, the writers of the Bible had to study the books much after they had written them to get the full meaning of the things they wrote. This verse in Hebrews reads, "According to faith we know (spiritually) that the worlds (ages) were prepared (wrought out) according to a word of God, for that seen thing became not out of the appearing things."

The above sentence, whether meaning worlds or ages deals directly with the subject before us, that of the creation. Even the English version of it is clear in our common version of the Bible. Here is the very thing that this verse declares. Seen things were not made out of seen things but out of unseen things. We know this only by faith. In the last two decades true science has demonstrated this very principle. Chemical action is hidden down among the molecular and atomic affinities and valences of chemicals. Even if we should go deeper than that and state that the whole matter of Chemical action is aenoic or electric, we have the same problem to face that anything we see come into being or sight is never made out of seen things. Chemistry has to reduce everything to the unseen, before it can be brought again out into the seen condition. So the heavens and the earth, so the body of a man, so the fact of every creation ever to come. Men who do not give God this unseen power place in creation do not have God enough enlarged in their thinking.

There is another very striking verse in Isaiah 44:24. This one is a very definite thing in the study we have here for this little book. The verse we are to use now is not translated very definitely in our English version. We must go back to what the writers of twentyseven hundred years ago meant and use the exact figures they used, when they wrote. Isaiah definitely gives us this. The careful student of the words there will find a startling thing in this one verse. "Thus said Jehovah, the one redeeming thee, and forming thee from the womb (the beginning), the one stretching out heavens for a branch of me, (unto my separation), the one beating out the earth from with me, (or waters from me)." This is quite a statement. God himself made it. I did not make this statement, neither did any other man make it, so we are compelled to believe God in what he declared as the facts. My beliefs would have been different. I would not have thought this, had not God said it. The word "beating out" in this verse here is used only about ten or a dozen times in the Old Testament. It is closely akin to "QRAGH" and by what linguists call Metathesis, or a letter jumping over another, which often occurs in a language by colloquial usage, the word got reversed from "QRAGH" to "RAQAGH." The word "Qragh" means rend or tear, and the word "RAQAGH" is a figure of a steady beating of the goldbeater or the regular beating of the hammer on the anvil. The figure here is that God like a goldbeater or a blacksmith beat out the sky to its shape in which we see it. The question I continually ask as I study the Hebrew and the Greek, is: why did the translators translate most of the times the regular way and then in one or two instances translate in an offhand way to bolster up their peculiar pseudoscientism of the age in which they translated the Bible? I know they did about as well as they could, but they might have changed up the scientific thought of the religious men, had they translated as they did regularly the words where they found them.

There is another interesting case in the New Testament in I Cor. 8:6. The Greek here is not translated exactly as the wording states. "But to us, one God, the father, out of whom the everything, and we into Him, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom the everything, and we through Him." Paul was talking here about many Gods and many Lords, according to the notions of men as he conceived what men thought about gods and angels and demons. Paul positively thought that everything came out of God and that God thrust it out into being. This same expression is used in the New Testament in other places as in 1 Cor. 11:12. Here God is giving Paul inspiration to write of the creation of man. "For a man (male) is not out of woman, but woman out of man (male, individual)" Verse 8. "For just as the woman out of the man, thus the man through the woman, but the everything out of God," verse 12. In 2 Cor. 5: 18. the same expression is used. "But the everything out of the God, the one redeeming us or reconciling us, etc." These three expressions, together with others like them and the expressions translated in the Old Testament as we have given the exact translations here, and not used any words excepting in their exact meanings, give us a complete survey of the origin of everything. I cannot get my mind made up after long study that this present condition of things was made or created out of nothing, in fact there is not a single syllable in the whole of the Bible that states that God made, created, or formed the Heavens and the Earth out of nothing.