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The Book of Enoch

The Trail of Blood


J. Louis Guthrie
on Salvation

J. Louis Guthrie
Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

J. Louis Guthrie
History of the Baptismal Salvation Heresy

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J. Louis Guthrie
Acts 2:38
And The
Greek Preposition
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The Ten Inspired Names of Genesis


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A History of
the Paul Family


St. Patrick Was
A Baptist!
by Dr. L. K. Landis


The Doctrine
of Hell.

Dr. James M. Phillips is recognized worldwide as a scholar and leading authority on Biblical Languages, Church History, and Biblical Doctrines.

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Dr. James M. Phillips

Audio lessons, video, and more are available so that you may study the Bible in its original language and listen to sermons that go into great depth on the Bible. All content is avaliable to people all over the world who wish to hear God's word. All for free! Portions of this website were built by Dr. Phillips daughter, Dakotah, as part of her high school project to honor her father's ministry.

We are adding hundreds of classes in Greek reading & research for those students who are not able to attend a seminary. The student can study hundreds of advanced reading and research classes in Greek and Hebrew without ever leaving his home.

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New material is posted every week on this site. Audio from Dr. Phillips classes are presented in mp3 format, and are free to listen to or download. These classes are also available in complete sets on audio CDs, or DVDs, at minimal cost through our webstore at sermonaudio.com/dtw

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The Eleven Essential Elements of a New Testament Church
These are the identifying marks of true New Testament Churches down through the ages of darkness and confusion


Current and featured lessons taught by Dr. Jim Phillips.

Series name, lesson title, and date given, are listed here as follows:

Series Name: Matthew Greek Reading & Research
#91 Murderers Row
Matthew 23:26-36
Sermon Date:
June 26, 2019
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Series Name: Secrets From Genesis From the Hebrew Text by Dr. Jim Phillips
39 Secrets in Genesis The Flood & St. Valentine
39 Secrets in Genesis The Flood. Dr. Jim Phillips teaches Hebrew reading and research by induction from the book of Genesis 6:17-22 at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church on Wednesday evening.
Sermon Date:
February 14, 2018
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Series Name: Systematic Theology 2017 Series taught by Dr. Jim Phillips
61 Wickedness in High Places
61 Wickedness in High Places. Dr. Jim Phillips teaches Systematic Theology from the text-book Lectures in Systematic Theology by Henry Clarence Thiessen Pages 210-212.
Sermon Date:
January 9, 2018
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Series Name: The Gospel of Mark Greek Reading & Research by Dr. Jim Phillips
73 Truly They Crucified the Son of God
73 Truly They Crucified the Son of God. Dr. Jim Phillips finishes teaching Greek Reading & Research by Induction from the Gospel of Mark 15:38-16:1-8
Sermon Date:
July 4, 2018
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